Turkeys For Sale

Hogs and Horns Homestead raises a variety of heritage breed turkeys. Whether you’re after ornamental or a meat breed, we have both! A heritage turkey is slower to mature than its commercial cousins, but the flavour is well worth the wait. Our Blue Slate and Royal Palm are gorgeous and add so much life to the property while free-ranging.

Breeds We Raise :

  • Royal Palm
  • Bourbon Red
  • Blue Slate X
  • Wild Turkey X

Royal Palm

Critically Endangered in Canada and on the Watch List in the US, however numbers are drastically declining.

Royal Palms are absolutely beautiful to have around your farm as a decorative bird. They can be used for meat; however they only reach mature weights between 10-15 lbs. They are active, thrifty, good flyers, and great foragers.

Royal Palm Turkey Tom
Our Royal Palm Tom, Look at Those Feathers!

Blue Slate

Watch Status in the US

The Blue Slate is a rare, heritage breed turkey. They reach mature weights between 18-27 lbs and have a striking blue slate colour; they’re beautiful to have as a pet or great for meat.

Blue Slate Turkey Hens
Our Blue Slate Turkey Hens

Bourbon Red

Reaching Mature Weights of 18-22 lbs. Bourbon Reds are Threatened in the US

The Bourbon Red is a large breed of turkey, reaching mature weights between 14-22 lbs. The bourbon red was originally promoted for it’s production type conformation, heavy breast and rich meat. Their numbers declined as the commercial turkey was introduced with faster growing times. In the early 2000’s, consumers re-discovered it’s delicious heritage meat and now the numbers are slowly climbing. This turkey, being slower growing – packs on some serious delicious meat. Pairing their slow growth with pasture offered and it’s great foraging ability, makes their meat that much more worth the wait.

Image Coming Soon!

Ridley Bronze X Wild Turkey

A Great Meat Option, Reaching Mature Weights Between 16-25 lbs

A succulent, flavorsome meat-producing turkey. They are a slow-growing bird but well worth the wait for their meat quality and taste. Ridley Bronze is a strong, hardy bird with a long life span.

Our Ridley Tom