Conservation through Sustainable Small-Scale Farming

Hogs & Horns Homestead strives to preserve endangered heritage breeds through sustainable small-scale farming by using ethical practices and focusing on regenerative agriculture. We strive to offer education while providing ethically raised heritage live animals and meat. Learn more about us HERE.

Create a Need, Save the Breed

Focusing on heritage breeds is crucial for several reasons. Hogs & Horns Homestead recognizes these breeds’ value and continuously works to save them. Each heritage breed has unique genetic traits and attributes developed over centuries; consequently, by saving them, we maintain a diverse gene pool, which is vital for heritage breed populations’ long-term sustainability. Not to mention their hardiness, adaptability, and ability to forage make them suited for a range of farming systems, including pasture-based and sustainable farming. All breeds in any species hold unique character and physical traits on the farm and in the end product. Heritage breeds are not only important for the variety they bring. They also hold historical and cultural importance, representing our ancestors’ farming traditions and practices.

Lastly, many heritage breeds are at risk of extinction due to the dominance of indoor barns. Originally, our forefathers raised hardy, slower-growing, fantastic foragers with vigour and excellent mothering skills. Comparatively, the commercial food industry focuses on animals with set characteristics to produce quick growth while keeping an ability to withstand the rigours of confinement; consequently, the numbers of many heritage breeds have rapidly declined and are threatened by extinction to this day. By concentrating on heritage breeds, we aim to contribute to the saving and revival of endangered heritage breeds, helping their continued existence for future generations.

Increasing numbers through ethical breeding, bloodline tracking and promoting awareness on how we can save these amazing heritage breeds.

homestead livestock


We take great pride in our quality heritage swine, sheep, and turkeys for others to raise. Immerse yourself in these remarkable breeds’ rich history and tastes as you embark on your farming adventure. With Hogs and Horns heritage animals, you can experience the joy of farming. Likewise, create your legacy and help threatened breeds by including these remarkable animals on your farm.

Mini pigs


At Hogs & Horns Homestead, we are dedicated to breeding and raising quality pet mini pigs. With our commitment to responsible practices, firstly, our pigs’ welfare and quality of life are the priority. Additionally, we ensure that our breeding program adheres to strict standards. Moreover, we believe in the importance of transparency. Therefore, we offer information about our mini pigs’ health records and care needs.

Heritage raw bacon with farm fresh eggs sitting near by.

Heritage Meat

Embracing heritage meat delivers a gastronomic adventure and encourages us to connect with our food on a deeper level. Moreover, by making mindful choices to seek out heritage breeds, you support sustainable farming practices, local agriculture, and the preservation of genetic diversity. This allows you to learn about the animals’ life, feeding practices, and overall welfare. Venture beyond the ordinary and savour the unique flavours, stories, and traditions that heritage swine, lamb, mutton, and poultry bring to your plate.

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Homestead Goods

Our farm goods, whole animal use products, forage, and homemade goods are unique. Our whole animal use products promote using every part of an animal, decreasing waste, and honouring the animals’ life. These products include leather and pelt goods alongside skull and bone crafts, to mention a few. Equally as fun is our soap line mixed with foraged goods and our curated local creations, which embrace whole animal use products, foraged finds, and homemade items. Celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of products crafted with care and intention.

Jacob Sheep


Education on food connection and heritage breed conservation is vital in fostering sustainable farming and keeping biodiversity. Furthermore, education can foster a deeper appreciation for the diverse genetic resources in farm animal populations, inspiring action to ensure their long-term survival. Moreover, by valuing the connection between our food and heritage breed conservation, we maintain cultural heritage, genetic diversity, and a resilient and sustainable food system for future generations.

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Livestock conservation is vital in promoting sustainable agriculture and resilient food systems. Not only does genetic diversity increase their ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions, resist diseases, and thrive in different regions. Heritage breed conservation is vital for saving genetic variability, cultural heritage, and sustainable farming. Also, by promoting these breeds, we ensure the continuance of valuable traits. Supporting local farmers promotes the long-term sustainability of our food systems.

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