Conservation through Sustainable Small-Scale Farming

Hogs & Horns Homestead strives to preserve endangered heritage breeds through sustainable small-scale farming by using ethical practices and focusing on regenerative agriculture. We strive to offer education while providing ethically raised heritage live animals and meat.

Create a Need, Save the Breed

Why do we focus on heritage breeds? Hogs and Horns Homestead believes quality meat and animals are worth the wait. Originally, our forefathers were farming traditional breeds. They were hardy, slow-growing, fantastic foragers with vigour and excellent mothering skills. Throughout the years, the food industry moved to use hybrids because of their quick growth and ability to withstand the rigours of confinement. Unfortunately, this resulted in many heritage animals being threatened by extinction. We are working hard to save specific breeds and increase their numbers. We raise our animals outdoors. This allows them access to fresh air, sunlight, and freedom to forage. As a result, they live their lives as nature intended.

How our animals are raised is very important to us. Whether they’re destined to feed us, be raised as pets or be livestock additions, all animals should be respected and given the best life possible regardless of its length.

Increasing numbers through ethical breeding, bloodline tracking and promoting awareness on how we can save these amazing heritage breeds.

Large Black piglets in the sun


A wide variety of heritage breeds. Learn about the breeds and check out what we have available here!

Mini pigs


We are passionate about our ethically bred pet mini pigs. Click here for educational content and available piglets.

Heritage raw bacon with farm fresh eggs sitting near by.

Heritage Meat

We offer many heritage meat products, including pork, lamb, chicken and turkey.

Homestead Goods

On the Homestead, we end up having lots of great extras! Check out goodies from feathers to wool!

Jacob Sheep


Want to know more about the heritage breeds we raise and why we raise them? Click the link below to learn more.


Follow us as we work to help increase the numbers of some incredible breeds endangered in Canada.

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