Farm-to-Table Meat

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Alberta Raised – Family Raised

We offer chickens and heritage turkeys processed on the farm. Only available by preorder at this time. Our pork is distinguished by the breed showcasing each breed’s unique quality. All animals are raised with care at Hogs & Horns Homestead. Sheep and pigs are processed at an inspected local facility. Learn more about our farm-to-table meat products below.


We offer various quality, rare, heritage breeds, including Red Wattle, Kunekune, Mangalitsa, English Large Black, Meishan and Ossabaw Island Hog. These heritage breeds live outdoors and constantly have access to forage. With this combination, they produce scrumptious dark, rich meat. Each breed offers a unique flavour profile. These breeds are slow growing, which as a result, aids in developing robust flavour. All of our pigs live their lives in an outdoor setting. Each pig is processed in a provincially inspected facility and is available as individual cuts and freezer boxes through our Farm-To-Table Meat program. Please contact us for custom, wholesale, and primal cut orders!

We are changing our pork program to add more selection. Your patience is appreciated while we go through this process. In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions. Orders can be placed through our social media messaging, email or phone.


Our sheep are heritage breeds that are slow growing and live a long, productive life in an outdoor setting, free to forage on pasture and supplemented with high-quality hay. We offer lamb (under 12 months old) and mutton (older than 12 months old). Each animal is born and raised on the farm. We raise them with respect for each step, right until the end. We aim to utilize the animal as much as possible, including working with the hides, skulls and fibre. Each sheep is processed in a provincially inspected facility and is available by individual cuts. Please contact us for custom, wholesale, and primal cut orders!


We offer a variety of poultry for meat, including Heritage Turkeys and Broiler Chickens, hybrids that quickly grow, creating juicy, softer meat with larger breasts than their heritage ancestors. Heritage poultry has slower growth rates, can live a long productive life in an outdoor setting and are breeds originating prior to the mid-20th century. Hogs & Horns Homestead raises poultry on soy-free complete feed. All poultry is available whole and parted! 

All animals offered through our on-farm-slaughter license for the purpose of meat are sold on the hoof with the service of on-farm-slaughter by Hogs & Horns Homestead, which includes dispatching and cleaning all animals by Hogs & Horns Homestead or a hired personnel. In addition, small animals such as rabbits and poultry are parted (if requested) and packaged by Hogs & Horns Homestead. All meat from these animals comes UNINSPECTED, NOT FOR SALE or redistribution beyond the customer and their immediate household. Live animals for butcher are to be sold to one household only. If you have questions about this process in Alberta, feel free to reach out to us or learn more about the On-Farm-Slaughter License HERE! 

Unless otherwise stated on ad our animals are processed in a provincially inspected facility in Alberta. All pork, and lamb/mutton are available by the cut, by the box, halves and wholes. For custom, wholesale and primal cut orders, please reach out.