Heritage Livestock

Heritage livestock is the backbone of Hogs & Horns Homestead. Our primary focus is not only on the original heritage breeds but, more specifically, on the struggling heritage breeds. Dive into learning about our unique heritage swine and sheep breeds, among other species, or search for available breeding and meat stock to raise your own.

We raise our heritage livestock without growth hormones in the great outdoors. They can forage on pasture (season-dependent) and live in a more natural setting. Since our animals are heritage breeds, their growth times are significantly longer than commercialized breeds. For instance, our Jacob sheep are grown for almost a year, and our Ossabaw Island Hogs grow for 13-18 months compared to commercial breeds that usually process pigs around six months old. With this, more time, care, and effort go into every animal we raise on Hogs and Horns Homestead. When we first started our journey, it was difficult to source our breeding animals because a large percentage of them are endangered or critical. To change this for others, we have been working incredibly hard to have all purebred and registered lines. As time allows, we will be able to offer more bloodlines and hard-to-find breeds.

Want to continue to dive into heritage breeds? Check out Heritage Livestock Canada and the Livestock Conservancy for a detailed list of endangered heritage breeds.