Miniature piglet

Miniature Pigs

Are you looking for a unique family pet? Look no further! Miniature pigs can make great indoor or outdoor companions. Pet pigs bred for excellence.

Miniature Pigs

Pets Bred for Excellence

Mini pigs are a creation of a blend of several breeds. These include Potbelly, American Mini, and Juliana, among others. Unfortunately, there are no readily available DNA tests for miniature pig breeds. For this reason, we classify our miniature pet pigs as “minis.” We breed for temperament, size, health and colour. They are a unique pet for your home, acreage or farm full of personality.

Why our mini pigs?

  • Support through the life of your pig. 
  • Two-month health guarantee; see details. 
  • Parents and sometimes half-siblings and grandparents are available for viewing. 
  • If your life circumstances change, we will help rehome your pig. 
  • All males are neutered.

How do I get one?

  • Research about caring for a mini pig! 
  • Check your applicable bylaws.
  • Enquire into available piglets or upcoming litters.
  • Be put on a waiting list
  • Pick your piglet out and pay the deposit.
  • Pick up your piglet at ten weeks old!!

What’s included?

  • Your mini piglet!
  • Starter care package.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Two-month health guarentee.
Miniature pig

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