Each of our heritage swine breeds are somewhere on the conservation list from threatened to critically endangered. Learn more about conservation efforts for each breed below. 

English Large Black Pig

A large, docile breed originating from England. – Critically Endangered

Ossabaw Island Hog

The Ossabaw Island Hog is a subspecies from Ossabaw Island, Georgia. – Critically Endangered

Mangalitsa Boar


A Hungarian breed, the last woolly swine breed in existence. It has been in North America for a limited time but is recognized as endangered worldwide.

Red Wattle

The Red Wattle has been struggling and is critically endangered with only a handful of tracked bloodlines left in Canada.

Meishan Boarlet


The Meishan originates from China and is critically endangered worldwide. Unfortunately, there are no tracked, pure bloodlines in Canada. We are hoping to change this.

Kunekune Boar


Originates from New Zealand. They were on the verge of extinction but through remarkable conservation efforts are now on the recovered list.