Heritage pastured lamb is an option with so much more to offer! There are many heritage sheep breeds. Each breed with unique qualities in its meat, milk and fibre. We raise a variety of heritage breed sheep, some of which are on the verge of extinction. 

Below you will find a breakdown of the heritage sheep breeds we raise. Our heritage pastured lamb offers delicious flavour. We focus on wool-breed sheep that bring more than food to the table. Their hides, fibre, and bones are put to use as well. Our goal is always to use as much of the animal as possible. They are raised on Alberta pastures and offered quality forage, hay and grains as needed to meet their nutrition requirements with extended grow-out times. 

Each breed we raise is here because it holds historical significance or is currently on the endangered list by the Livestock Conservancy or Heritage Livestock Canada. We believe their numbers will increase by creating space in the food system for these endangered and heritage breeds. Heritage breed numbers initially decreased due to centralized intensive farming practices. As a result, the demand for many of these unique breeds was lost. We believe in the initiatives to increase the demand for these fantastic breeds, including the Eat em’ to Save em’ encourages and with sheep, Shave Em’ to Save Em’, a program run by the Livestock Conservancy. 

Heritage Pastured Lamb