pile of kunekune piglets

Kunekune Pigs Sales – DISCONTINUED

Why did we discontinue our Kunekune sales?

First of all, thank you for your interest in our Kunekune herd. We appreciate your interest in heritage breeds and our farm. One of Hogs & Horns Homesteads’ mandates is to focus on critically endangered breeds struggling to survive in Canada and worldwide. Kunekunes pigs have gained popularity with small-scale homesteads/farms over the last few years. In Canada, we have several amazing large-scale outdoor producers that ethically produce high-quality Kunekunes, focusing on top-of-the-line genetics. When working on conservation projects, having several farms working on the breed is key. This decreases the risk of disease destroying entire bloodlines/breeds. It is also important to spread out the work and financial costs. We believe the Kunekunes have a couple of large and many small producers working on the breed in Canada.

For this reason, we have moved away from raising Kunekunes. Moving away from raising Kunekunes will give us more resources and time to focus on our other breeds, such as the English Large Black, Red Wattle, and Ossabaw Island Hog, whose numbers are consistently declining in Canada and worldwide. These three breeds are in dire need of more large and small-scale committed breeders to save them from extinction

As you are researching Kunekune breeders in Canada, we strongly suggest you browse the registry and find a breeder who is willing to help you compare bloodlines and is willing to mentor you along your pig journey. Here are some breeders we would recommend who are very knowledgeable.