Mangalitsa Pigs – For Sale

Weanlings & Growers

– Meat Quality

Live Barrows and Gilts that do not meet breeding quality.

Mangalitsas have a wide array of butcher times, and it truly is farmer preference. We have found that the reds, blondes and cross colours reach live butcher weights of 200-300 pounds by 10-12 months. Many wait to butcher Mangalitsas until 18-24 months old, which lends to large live butcher weights of 350+ pounds. This lard breed offers excellent flavour.

Finishers – Meat Quality $500

Blonde & Strawberry Blonde Barrows

Looking to raise Mangalitsa pigs out for meat? These beautiful barrows are pure blondes. Parents are registered with MBOAR and DNA tested. They were born on April 24, 2023.

Gilts & Proven Sows

– Breeding Quality

Up-and-coming gilts and proven sows to increase or start your breeding program!

Gilts are available as weanlings. However, if you want to confirm you are getting topline conformation, we suggest reserving one of our breeding gilts. We raise these gilts for five to six months to watch growth and conformation before sale. Pick the best of the best to add to your herd. Have a full-grown boar or need a jumpstart on your breeding program? Add proven sows and skip the grow-out time. No waiting for them to get to breeding age, known to farrow well, good mothers.

Strawberry Blonde Mangalitsa

Strawberry Blonde Gilt SOLD

Strawberry Blonde Gilt

This gilt was born on April 24th, 2023 and is ready for her new home. She is ready to breed and would make a great addition to anybody interested in starting or adding to their breeding herds. Her parents are both purebred, registered Mangalitsas.

Boarlets & Boars

– Breeding Quality

Up-and-coming boarlets and proven boars to increase or start your breeding program!

SOLD OUT! We will not be offering breeding quality Mangalitsa boars this season.

Blonde x Swallowbelly mangalitsa boar

Lazlo SOLD

Blonde x Swallowberry Boar – MBOAR Registered -AVAILABLE

Blonde x Swallowbelly boar was born on August 14, 2021. He has sired several litters and is an excellent breeder. He can be paired with Szivi.