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Weanlings & Growers

– Meat Quality

Barrows and gilts that do not meet breeding quality.

Red Wattle pigs are a critically endangered breed in Canada. As we work to increase the numbers, we produce piglets that don’t meet the breed requirements. These piglets are offered as meat quality. Red Wattles are an extra large breed with typical adult weights of 800+ pounds, with some boars reaching up to 1200+ pounds! They reach butcher weight in 7-10 months with live weights of 250-300 pounds. This breed is quite new to us, and we are excited to learn more about its meat quality.


Red Wattle Weanlings

8-week old weanling full of energy and growing like little weeds, these guys will be a great spring addition to any meat plan.

Sows & Boar

– Breeding Quality

Boarlet $1500

CLRC Registered Boar – WAITLIST OPEN

Each of our breeding stock is registered with the CLRC and is available for 6+ months. For boarlets please contact us as we typically do NOT hold boarlets back unless presold.

Breeding Gilts $1500

CLRC Registered Gilts – WAITLIST OPEN

Each of our gilts is retained for 6+ months to confirm conformation of the breed. They come registered with CLRC.