Un-inspected Vs. Inspected Meat

What is Un-Inspected Meat?

  • All animals slaughtered and processed on Hogs and Horns Homestead under the On Farm Slaughter Operation License as per section 11(1)(d) of the Meat Inspection Regulation are not processed in an inspected facility. Therefore, this animal is sold as Uninspected.
  • The animal will be slaughtered and processed by Hogs and Horns Homestead and/or a Hogs and Horns Homestead authorized personnel. Our methods used are known to be the most humane methods available to dispatch the animal in the quickest, most efficient way possible. This ensures there is minimal stress inflicted on the animal.
  • All animals once sold from Hogs and Horns Homestead to buyer are not to be resold. The meat from the animal is uninspected meat and each package will be labeled “uninspected – not for resale”. This is not to be resold or to be used for further distribution.
  • The animal purchased is for the consumption of the customer and the customer’s immediate household only.

What is Inspected Meat?

Ossabaw Island Hog Shoulder butt roast - bone-in
  • Each animal will be shipped to and slaughtered/processed at an Alberta provincially inspected facility. This allows us to offer you with individual cuts rather than the need for you to purchase an entire animal. Hogs & Horns Homestead is all about supporting local businesses. Not only does this support local abattoirs but in turn ensures shorter transport times for our animals. As a result, this creates less stress for the animal.
  • All Pork and Lamb/Mutton are sold by the cut and are inspected.
Have more questions about uninspected meat? You can find more about the regulations within Alberta HERE. Or feel free to CONTACT US with any questions!