Farm to Table Chicken

We have trialled several different farm-processed poultry options over the years. Though we continuously seek options, we are very happy with our cornish broiler chickens and heritage turkeys sourced within Alberta. We have chosen cornish broiler chickens, which offer soft, tender meat with a high meat-to-bone ratio. These chickens are excellent whole or parted and typically have dressed weight of 5-7 pounds.

Our turkeys are Bourbon Reds. This is a heritage breed that is currently on the watch list of the Livestock Conservancy. This breed was initially bred for meat production and was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1909. Our heritage turkeys typically have dressed weights of 10-17 pounds. Packed full of flavour.

All of our poultry has access to pasture daily, along with forage feeds such as fodder. They are offered soy-free complete feed for optimal nutrition and foraging options. At Hogs & Horns Homestead, we strive to continue with traditional homestead skills for the animals’ benefit while staying within the rules of Alberta. Our poultry is all processed through the on-farm-slaughter-license and is only sold by the bird, by preorder, within Alberta. Read more information on this license HERE or learn about the basic differences between farm-processed vs. abattoir-processed HERE.