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Mini Pig Housing

Indoor or Outdoor? You’re planning to get a mini pig, you’ve read they should live inside the house and you’ve read that they will do okay in the great outdoors so what’s the best fit for you? Either is totally okay but there are definitely considerations to think about for each. Living Outside Pigs are […]

January Is Pig Month!

What Is Pig Month? January is pig month with Heritage Livestock Canada. Which I’m pretty pumped about, considering pigs is our passion! This organization is one reason we have been able to learn so much about the endangered breeds of Canada and get us all the more excited to work to save them. Donations and […]

The Ossabaw Island Hog

What is an Ossabaw Island Hog? The Ossabaw Island Hog is critically endangered. It is one of the breeds at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. The Ossabaw has Spanish ancestry. Over time domesticated animals would escape and become feral, mixing genetics with local breeds. However, animals on Ossabaw Island were isolated and therefore […]

Welcome to our Journey

Welcome to the journey of our pasture based heritage homestead in Canada. Family run and women powered. We aren’t exactly what you would call traditional farmers. Myself (Jen) am a flight medic – what got me into homesteading in Canada who knows but one thing is for sure it is my therapy after a hard […]