Swine For Sale

Mangalitsa Sow


Our herd consists of Reds, Blondes, and Swallowbellies. We currently offer both tracked lineage registered and unregistered. Meat and breeding quality stock available.

Ossabaw Island Hog

Our breeding program consists of three herds and can create extensive unrelated breeding groups. Available lineages supplied. Meat, pet, and breeding quality stock available.

English Large Black

This herd is 100% registered with a collection of bloodlines available. Breeding groups can be created. Meat and Breeding quality are available.


Our Meishan herd is a high percentage of Meishan. However, currently are not 100% pure and are not registered. Pet, Meat and breeding quality stock available.

Red Wattle

Registered, purebred Red Wattles. Meat and breeding quality stock available. No breeding groups for sale.

Kunekune Sow


Registered, purebred Kunekunes. Pet, meat and breeding stock available. No breeding groups are available.

Heritage Sow

Heritage Crosses

A collection of heritage breed crosses can be for meat or breeding.

Miniature Pigs

Miniature pigs for indoor and outdoor acreage pets. Inquire for breeding stock.

Previously Sold

  • kunekune
  • Ossabaw island hog
  • Ossabaw Island Hog
  • heritage gilt
  • Ossabaw Island Hog
  • Ossabaw Island Hog
  • Large Black boarlet
  • Large Black x Kunekune Gilt
  • Kunekune x Large Black Boars

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